Farne Islands visit

26 08 2017

Managed to get back up to the Farne Islands again this year. Lots of Puffin’s amongst all of the other birds. The Artic Turns were in full dive bomb mode, terrifying I find it but keep going back as they are such a wonderful location. Not to mention the delight that is Bamburgh Castle and it’s beautiful beach.



5 02 2017

A photo from my trip to Kinloch. Looking over lake Wakatipu.


St. Kilda, Melbourne

15 09 2016

Such a beautiful place is Melbourne, and wow; Port Phillip Bay is so large, looking at it on a map does not do it justice. This image though is looking back towards the beautiful city of Melbourne from St. Kilda harbour.


Monkey Island

13 09 2016

It’s real I tell you, real…


Found, one of my lost treasures…

3 09 2016

I’ve found today, what I thought I’d lost years ago. My NASA Apollo (Skylab) and STS crew autographed photos. Enjoy. I’m so pleased I’ve found these again. I thought they were gone from me forever.

Kaikoura Peninsula

27 08 2016

Here’s some footage I took on my last day on the South Island. It’s taken from the peninsula at Kaikoura, such a beautiful place.


Milford Road, a few more…

26 08 2016

Here’s a few more images I took on the road to Milford Sound back in July. The panorama is coincidentally called ‘Mirror Lakes’.

I’ve got some more photo’s and video coming soon.