Did the earth move for you too?

15 07 2009

It did for me at 9:24pm. We experienced at 7.8mag earthquake approximate 200 kilometers south east of Te Anau where I am currently staying. For me personally it was a great experience but I think some of the other guests were quite concerned. We’ve been warned of several aftershocks through the night, or… it could be a pre-cursor to a bigger one… Steve



10 07 2009

Well, after several months of no progress on my own showcase website, I’ve finally managed to create a design concept that fulfills all of my requirements.

When will it be ready… Well that’s another question;)


Room with a view

8 07 2009

Well I’ve made it back alive and not frozen in ice after several hours trecking on Franz Josef glacier. As you may guess it’s a room with a view.


Welcome to winter wonderland!

3 07 2009

Having left the relatitive warmth of Kiakoura, I hopped onto the train again down to Christchurch for a quick overnight stop before boarding the Trans-Alpine train heading over Arthur’s pass and staying in the same place.

Just to cool you down a little I have this wonderful view from my new lodgings.


Looking out of the window

3 07 2009

This is the view from my Kaikoura bedroom. As you can see I’m right on the beach front.



1 07 2009

I’ve arrived in Kaikoura about a quarter of the way down the East Coast of the South Island. Thursday will see me swimming with dolphins and Friday or Saturday on a whale watching cruise.

As usual photo’s will be appearing soon, and I’m guessing their may be just another pic of me sneak under the radar ;-