Thoughts on Photos

26 04 2010

Well after much cogitating I’ve decided to split my photo galleries into two parts. The first you’ll find on the posts around this blog, the second, you’ll find at my other website.

Now the rational is, if you like the look any photo that’s posted on here ‘the blog’, then as long as you respect my copyright and you only use the photograph for your own personal use then that’s okay with me.

If on the other-hand you’d like a nice high quality print (silk or gloss) or use it for anything other than personal use then head-on-over and have a look in the galleries where you’ll be able to find my prints for sale.

I hope you think this is a fair arrangement and look forward to hearing from you all soon.





One response

3 11 2010
Whitby Halloween 2010 Photoshoot « New Ideas

[…] Remember you can use the photos from the blog for your own personal use without permission and high quality […]

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