Whitby Halloween 2010 Photoshoot

2 11 2010

Well after much slaving away over a hot computer here are a selection of this October’s WGW photos.

As always I’d love any comments or feedback or maybe just a click of the ‘Like’ button.

Remember you can use the photos from the blog for your own personal use without permission.

You can find John’s photos here.


PS These are only a selection so if you are interested in what other photos are of yourself I can provide them for you to look at as well.




2 responses

3 11 2010

Hi could i have a look at the others you took of me and my friends please? thanks

4 11 2010

Hi Ashleigh

Could you please let me have an email address to send them to you.


PS I won’t publish your email address and will remove this comment when you have replied.

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