Back to Welsh Pub

20 06 2011

Well it’s been a couple of years but the Welsh pub is still there and as good as ever with a great crowd and warm hospitality.

We were treated to a traditional Maori Haka and great piano music played by the very talented Dave.

Weta Cave and Wellington Harbour

20 06 2011

Saturday saw a return trip to the Weta Cave to see what’s changed since last time. A few new exhibits and collectables. Quite a relaxing day with a wonderful sunset over the Lower Hutt area to the North of Wellington.

A day in Melbourne

20 06 2011

Melbourne is very much a mix of the old and new new with beautiful old architecture towered by modern skyscrapers. While this was defiantly an unexpected visit and much longer than planned it was definitely a good place visit.

A special thanks to Peter and Barbara for your company and a day out to Melbourne. It was great to meet you both.


They say getting there is half the fun, little did they know…

20 06 2011

As was the last time I flew to NZ the weather in London was a drizzle. Not much more to say about that, however, the journey to New Zealand was quite a bit longer than expected. Just under a week to get to there in total. The first half of the journey to Australia was plain sailing (I flew there though) with stunning views of the Tibetan Plateau with the Himalayas in the background and Hong Kong from the sky, and for some reason I always like to take a photo of my plane. And then the next leg down to Australia was a bit more of a issue due to some volcano in Chile spewing ash all the way over the Pacific ocean covering most of NZ, Tasmania and the lower parts of Australia. It was touch and go whether we would be diverted to Sydney. Apparently there was much chaos and canceled plans the previous days, but Melbourne we landed at.

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