They say getting there is half the fun, little did they know…

20 06 2011

As was the last time I flew to NZ the weather in London was a drizzle. Not much more to say about that, however, the journey to New Zealand was quite a bit longer than expected. Just under a week to get to there in total. The first half of the journey to Australia was plain sailing (I flew there though) with stunning views of the Tibetan Plateau with the Himalayas in the background and Hong Kong from the sky, and for some reason I always like to take a photo of my plane. And then the next leg down to Australia was a bit more of a issue due to some volcano in Chile spewing ash all the way over the Pacific ocean covering most of NZ, Tasmania and the lower parts of Australia. It was touch and go whether we would be diverted to Sydney. Apparently there was much chaos and canceled plans the previous days, but Melbourne we landed at.

Then the fun began!

Because my forward flight to Wellington had been cancelled technically as I didn’t have a way to leave Aus I wouldn’t be allowed into the country. It’s the same with NZ but I digress. The folks from Quantas though were brilliant and took really good care of us and put me into a hotel for the duration of the disruptions.  I finally managed to get a flight from Melbourne to Wellington late friday afternoon after being on flight watch from Thursday afternoon. A big thank you to all at Quantas and especially those on the sales desk at the airport, and a big thank you to the young lady who finally got me onto a flight.

At last I’d arrived.




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