2012 Doncaster College Fashion Show

9 06 2012

Can I just say, fantastic. Well done to all of you. Another superb fashion show with some stunning designs and a few occasions where I said Wow. Really beautiful.

Here’s all of the photographs from both shows (afternoon and evening) warts an all (sorry Becky, Debbie) and they’re presented as the afternoon, evening session. Both sets are from different angles so be sure to look at both. You may have to scroll through them to find yours though I’m afraid.

These are straight from my camera with no processing at all. You’re free to use them for any personal use, ie, Facebook, Blogs etc. as you like.

If you’d like a none watermarked version of anything on here, or some work done on them (ie removing the emergency exit sign, exposure levels etc.) please just ask and I’ll be more than happy.

Third year students plus, If you’d like a complete collection of your designs I’ve photographed, please just ask.

If you’d like to use them for commercial purposes just send me an email and we’ll take it from there. Usually a credit for the pic is all I’d be looking for. I just like to know where they are going that’s all.

Again, thank you all for a fantastic show.

Here’s a link to the 2011 Fashion Show

Here’s to the 2010 Show


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It’s been a while

7 06 2012

Okay, I know, I know.

It’s been a while since I last posted on here but I’ve just been snowed under with Uni work over the last couple of months.

But the fat lady has sung and it’s all over now. I’ve finally finished. It really doesn’t seem like three years since I started and got back from NZ Sept. 2009. It’s just the nail biting time now waiting for my final results.

The other good news is that tomorrow (Friday 8th June) is the 2012 Doncaster College Fashion show and again I’ll be there photographing both sessions. So look out from the weekend for lots and lots of beautiful cloths designed by some very talented students. I’ll be honest and say there’s quite a few students I know on the course and cannot wait to see what they’ve created.