Room with a view

31 07 2012

Although this time it’s Canada you still get rooms with magnificent views!


Arrived at the Rockies

31 07 2012

We’ve finally arrived at the Rockies after three days travelling through the boonies.

They are spectacular in the summer. I can only imagine what they would look like in the winter. Something tells me I’ll have to come back at that time of the year.


Calgary at night

30 07 2012

We arrived in Calgary yesterday and here’s a few pictures taken at night just wandering around.




Bear necessities!

27 07 2012

Driving down the road the other day and what should be feasting on blue berries?

A bear of course. The first of two wild bears we’ve seen.


Niagara Falls

23 07 2012

Here’s a quick pic from my visit to Niagara Falls today. It’s a great place well worth a visit.


Arrived in Toronto

21 07 2012

Here’s a shot of the CN tower near where we’re staying.