Goodbye Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, Whistler and all the other fabulous places in Canada

17 08 2012

As I sit here in Earl’s, downtown Toronto waiting to take the subway to the airport, I reflect upon my four weeks in Canada.

I’ve had a great time, been to some fantastic places, see some awesome sights, up close and personal on more than one occasion (when I get to work on my photos you’ll see what I mean!).

This will be my last view of Toronto sat in Earl’s bar on King Street.

You’ve been everything I’ve expected it to be and more.

All I will say it, even if I’m in New Zealand, (and in my best Arnie impression) I’ll be back!



Another beautiful building in Quebec.

15 08 2012

The picture says it all.


Quebec City

15 08 2012

We arrived in Quebec this evening and what can I say… I’ve only seen it at night but it seems to be a beautiful city.

Have a full day and half here so should get to do more exploring thankfully.


Jail House Rock (or a bit of Porridge!)

14 08 2012

Arrived in Ottawa yesterday and stated in the HI which was a former prison.

Here’s a coupe of shots from the inside!




On top of the world! As they say…

13 08 2012

The CN tower actually but it is quite high to say the least.

Managed to get expressed to the front of the que somehow otherwise it would have been an hour wait and would have meant missing the sunset. While it wasn’t a great sunset I am please I was there for it and the transition to night.

Here’s a pic or two from either deck!



Three time zones in three days!

11 08 2012

We’ve done a lot of traveling over the last few days to get back to Toronto for the 12th. Canada is such a big country we’ve actually passed through three time zones in just three days!!!!

And the journey still continues…


It can’t see you if you don’t move…

8 08 2012

Went for a quick walk around Drumheller this evening and ran into this!

Off to see its playground and bones in the morning.


Banff National Park

8 08 2012

About time I posted a few more pictures. Had a great few days in Banff. Here’s a couple of photo’s from there.



A day in the Rockies

1 08 2012

We’ve spent the day in Banff today and explored the surrounding area and its gondola.

Stunning views are all around.