I’m still here…

13 01 2015

I know it’s been a while, but I started a new job which I love and not really had the time to post.

For those of you keeping up with website developments… I’ve started rebuilding my website again!!!!

I know, I know. It’s been a perpetual work in motion. This time though, I’ve actually started to develop the new site.

It’s based around a mobile first, responsive design that I’m putting together. It will look very similar to the previous incarnation of the website, while not totally unusable mobiles wise, wasn’t responsive design or mobile optimised. It was SEO friendly but times have changed and practices altered so the new design will reflect current methodologies.

If you’re interesting in keeping up with the development of the new site it’s located on a sub domain development site.

The other news is that I’ve now two sites to maintain, my photography website and an as yet an undeveloped copy of the photography website. This will be more design related.

I’ve also picked up a few domain names since my last post. The most useful is my four letter domain SB-Q. I just need to work out what I can get the Q to stand for!


Website Developments

16 02 2012

Ugh, well I know I’ve been working on my website for the last I don’t know HOW many years and I still feel it’s not finished, despite that fact that I keep putting new images on there, I’ve decided I need to re-write it!!!!!

Yes, I know.

It’s just that I’ve been messing around with iPad and iPhone HTML hooks and to achieve what I would like to achieve with these devices necessitates are rewrite.

It’s not all downhill. I’m going to utilise as much from the existing site as I can and don’t think much visually from a desktop browser view point will change. I think it’s going to be more of a background, mechanical change.

Having said that, I’ve now forked the existing site and started coding again.

Mins’t, website should be a continuously evolving and morphing medium. Well, I think so anyway.


10 07 2009

Well, after several months of no progress on my own showcase website, I’ve finally managed to create a design concept that fulfills all of my requirements.

When will it be ready… Well that’s another question;)