Snow – yeah

14 01 2013

Finally, I’ve got some snow! Keep it falling.




Sunset in Vancouver

11 01 2013

I loved Vancouver and hope to get back there some day.


Through the window

13 12 2012

I’ve been looking through some of my New Zealand photographs the last couple of days looking for suitable photos for this years xmas cards.

Here’s another shot from one of my favourite places in NZ, Lake Tekapo. This one is looking over the lake from inside the warmth of the YHA there.



Snow where to go…

12 12 2012

And to think; we’ve only got a bit of ice to deal with!


Kapiti Island

13 11 2012

I love walking on this beach watching the sun set over Kapiti Island. It’s such a calm and tranquil place for me, and one that I miss very much along with my friends who live here.

More from the (Canadian) Badlands

6 11 2012

Here’s a nice evening (night) pic I took earlier this year during my visit to Drumheller, Canada.

I though the ambient lighting was perfect in this shot to create a real sense of atmosphere.

Stary Stary Night

2 11 2012

Okay, I know I’ve used that heading before but this time it’s for the other side of the world – literally. Here’s a shot I took at Shuswap Lake in BC, Canada earlier this year.


A paw in the right direction

3 09 2012

I’m still updating my website, and even considered several re-writes in the last few weeks as well!!!!

I know, it’s in perpetual crisis of design and change.

One thing that’s not though, is the photo’s I publish on there.

Here’s some of the latest pictures that are currently being integrated onto a new ‘Canada’ section of the website.

Goodbye Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, Whistler and all the other fabulous places in Canada

17 08 2012

As I sit here in Earl’s, downtown Toronto waiting to take the subway to the airport, I reflect upon my four weeks in Canada.

I’ve had a great time, been to some fantastic places, see some awesome sights, up close and personal on more than one occasion (when I get to work on my photos you’ll see what I mean!).

This will be my last view of Toronto sat in Earl’s bar on King Street.

You’ve been everything I’ve expected it to be and more.

All I will say it, even if I’m in New Zealand, (and in my best Arnie impression) I’ll be back!


Another beautiful building in Quebec.

15 08 2012

The picture says it all.