Monkey Island

13 09 2016

It’s real I tell you, real…


Kaikoura Peninsula

27 08 2016

Here’s some footage I took on my last day on the South Island. It’s taken from the peninsula at Kaikoura, such a beautiful place.


Milford Road, a few moreā€¦

26 08 2016

Here’s a few more images I took on the road to Milford Sound back in July. The panorama is coincidentally called ‘Mirror Lakes’.

I’ve got some more photo’s and video coming soon.

Tasmin lake

18 07 2016

Finally managed after all of these years to get to the glacial lake. WOW how much it has receded since I saw it from the air in 2011. It’s twice the size now. It’s still beautiful. How much longer this spectacular last?


Stormy Milford Sound

13 07 2016

Drove down from Te Annu to Milford today. Wind, rain, sleet, more wind, some snow, more rain and lots of clouds.



Birds eye view and a Sunset

11 07 2016

I’ve been travelling about the last few days around the South Island. Here’s a bird and sunset taken over the last couple of days.Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 21.57.46 Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 22.23.56

Sunset at Kaikoura

4 07 2016

Arrived on the South Island and straight down to Kaikoura for this spectacular sunset.