Grumblings of a web developer

27 08 2010

Well its taken quite a while and a lot of slow methodic gentle developing but I think I’ve finally got my website into some kind of semblance. The design has had small incremental changes but last night early morning had a total rewrite and you know what its starting to look something like.

Now it’s not a flash (perish the thought) or flashy javascript bonanza but a ground roots simple html/css website – well it should be…

As I’m Mac based (and have been since ’88) I use Safari and Firefox to do the majority of testing to make sure it works, so far so good, but then comes that major, MAJOR thorn in the side of every (proper) web dev, IE 6,7 and 8. Well what can I say:- it don’t work.

For such a simple website you’d think that everything would be hunky-dory but nooooo, if only it was so simple.

Well for the time being, if you want to look at it properly use Safari, Firefox, even Chrome, but the buggy pain in the r£@r IE (at least 6 or 7) just forget it for now.

I know there are people using these browser because my google analytics shows me they are. On the plus side at least its advancing, if somewhat at a snails pace.

My good friend John’s website after its redesign has started to see a good amount of regular traffic and he’s been producing some great model portfolios.

Grumblings over for now!





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